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1624 country significance

Atherstone is an important town on the main road across the country following the route of Watling Street, a Roman Road, from London to Holyhead now known as the A5.

Here in 1643 George Fox attended a fair with his cousins and feeling thirsty they went into an inn. After a first drink the others started toasting and drinking games and at that stage George became distressed by the excess drinking and left.

The main street, which in many ways still maintains its old character, and along it are about 20 pubs! .

Atherstone meeting house was sold in the 1950's having not been used for many years. It is recorded that in 1895 it was no longer in use by Friends. It may be see through an entrance from the High Street. The near end has been rebuilt in recent years.

We hope to include pictures or the High street + inns, A5 road maps & signs, Old meeting house

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