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NOTE: These items have been scanned and prepared so that the reader may recreate the publication as close as is practical to the original. They are designed to fit A4 paper. Please check and adjust settings on your printer to give the correct result. In some cases the cover may be printed on heavier paper or card.

George Fox and the Purefeys - Joseph Pickvance
This has been describes as one of the most important background books to the studies of George Fox's history. It describes the Puritan background into which George Fox was born and the predominant land owning family of the area which owned the living of the church in Drayton in the Clay (Fenny Drayton), the church where 'Righteous Christer' (father of George Fox) was a church warden. The book was published in 1970 but has long been out of print and Joseph lent me a copy and gave me permission to reproduce it as necessary.
The book is in three pdf files, print on A4 paper; Cover, Body text (print out as two sided), Map (this was an insert in the rear cover).

Margaret Fell - the mother of the early Quaker Church
An interesting monograph produced by Friends Tract Association in 1916. 22 double pages arranged so that when two sided printed can be trimmed to a facsimile. (Note penciled page numbers in bottom Rh corner) 22pp A4 pages pdf

Spreading our Message
Or 'Our Sunday Evening Meetings'. A pamphlet produced by Yorkshire Quarterly Meetings' 1905 Committee describing how mission and fellowship meetings were fulfilling a need in the spiritual life of people and encouraging their establishment. 8pp (4xA4)pdf

Did George Fox get it Right?
A pamphlet written by Michael Langford, a student of the teachings of George Fox, asks a question and offers a perspective on his teaching that he thinks many others have overlooked. 8pp (4xA4 double sided to make an A5 booklet)pdf

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