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Quaker links

Warwickshire Quakers -
Coventry Quakers -
The national Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) website

Historial Links

Swarthmoor Hall - Where George Fox and his wife Margaret Fell lived
Friends Historical Society - for those interestied in the study of Quakers throughout the ages -
George Fox's Journal on the Internet - which is a site dedicated to the writings of George Fox.

Other interesting links

The Quaker Tapestry a wonderful exhibition in Kendal, telling social history through the eyes of Quakers in the medium of 77 crewel embroidery panels. Probably one of the largest community embroidery projects ever. In '1652 country'

If you are interesting in Quaker Meeting Houses, John Hall is aiming to visit every one in the country and post a photograph see:

The Chapel Society - for all those interested in the development and design of (mainly) non conformist chapels. See

Bibliography - Obviously this is fairly select bibliography!

Journal of George Fox - Edited by John L Nickalls remains a popular readily available publication although I have had access to some of the early 17th century editions.
'George Fox and the Purefeys' by Joseph Pickvance - See the resources page
Joan Allen has written several books of local history; 'Our George' [George Fox], 'Heardreds Hill' [History of Hartshill and Oldbury]
'The Quaker Meeting Houses of Britain' by David M Butler - A treasure trove of Quaker History!

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